2023 Staff

Director:  Kayoko Ueno(Prof./ School of Arts and Science)
Deputy Director: Minako Konno (Prof./ School of Arts and Science)
Associate Professor: Tetsuyuki Shida (Associate Prof./School of Arts and Science)

2023 Researcher

Project Research

  • PJ47                                                                           Gender fluidity in literature and culture
    Akiko Mizoguti (Principal Investigator) / Akira Hongo, Kiyomi Sasame, Houwen Andrew  <3rd year>
  • PJ48                                                                          Female in online space : A study on cyber-feminism and cyber-femininity
    Akie Arima (Principal Investigator) / Shogo Kato, Junko Shirogane  <2nd year>


Individual Research

Exploring reasons and benefits for science students to study at a women’s university
Takako Kodate

Case study of Japanese female students: Building confidence to have a voice through action learning project
Mieko Kobayashi


Visiting Fellow

The influence of cultural self-construal on marriage image and marriage motivation among unmarried women
Hisako Nagahisa

The sharing and inheritance of “Manshu” memories of mother and daughter : From Yukie Ikeda and Hiroko Tsuchiya’s relationship
Makie Yukawa