【Information】A lecture by Prof. Joseph M. Henning

Institute for Research on Women and Gender at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University presents:

“Defending the Samurai – Alice Mabel Bacon and Meiji”

A lecture by Prof. Joseph M. Henning (Department of History, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA) interpreted by Prof. Rui Kohiyama (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University)

On 6th July 2023, 11:00-12:30(JST)

Alice Mabel Bacon (1858-1918) authored three books on Japan and edited the English translation of a Japanese soldier’s war memoir. Challenging the construction of war as a male domain, she emphasized the sacrifices of women on the home front. In doing so, she familiarized the American public with three discourses promoted by the Meiji state: the good wife, wise mother (ryōsai kenbo) ideology, the human-bullet (nikudan) myth, and bushidō.

The lecture will be in person as well as over ZOOM.

Please register via the link below by 2 July (1600 JST).


☆Please come directly to our campus (Building 9, Room 9105) venue for in person participation.(only up to 40 seats on a first come basis)

☆For those who cannot come to our campus venue, please register via the link above.
Zoom connection details will be sent to the first 200 applicants.

For further information, please refer to publications of Dr Joseph M. Henning listed below.
Interpreting the Mikado’s Empire: The Writings of William Elliot Griffis. (Lexington Books, 2021)
Outposts of Civilization: Race, Religion, and the Formative Years of American-Japanese Relations. (New York University Press, 2000)


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